The basic idea is fairly similar to what we did in that first Daily Kos poll. Pre-organize a big group and shock everyone with the scale of our victory. Of course the new scale is much larger so we need way more lead time. Hence going for the first June poll and not the upcoming May poll.

The proposed strategy is as follows:

Connect with as many large Bernie groups and independent pro-Bernie media as possible.

Have those groups and individuals send a message to their supporters or followers asking them if they’d like to help on a big Bernie event.

Basic details:

  • 200,000 people as a target
  • Early June data
  • ~8 hour participation window
  • ~2 minute activity requirement
  • Will generate moderate media coverage
  • Collecting RSVPs

The reason to work through existing groups is that it makes it easier to get people to RSVP since they don’t have to give out their contact data to anyone new. Also gives a pool of existing people committed to Bernie. Plus when a group you are already involved in asks you to help with something you are more likely to take it seriously.

The reason to stay below the radar is that shock and awe are powerful media interest enhancers. Consider Trump. The first time he said something wild it was a big thing and everyone was shocked. Nowadays who even notices unless they watch cable news? Also harder to counteract and less chance Markos does something shady.

According to my calculations based on recent poll participation 200000 votes is roughly 80% in the poll. In comparison to 2016 when 12750 votes was 75%. Man those were innocent days. Compare this to the Democracy For America poll which recently came out with 95000 votes and Bernie at 42.5%. The other various pulse polls have similarly low numbers.

Bernie smashed the MoveOn, WFP, and DFA polls in 2016 getting anywhere from 70-90% of the vote. If we can get 200k or even 100k for DailyKos we’ll easily pick up those valuable endorsements and prevent a wave of media coverage about how Bernie has fallen off since 2016.

Facebook organizing is going to be crucial this time. I think the most votes we ever got was 30000 in the poll that was disqualified for bots or w/e. Bernie got 77000 people to turn out to house parties on a particular day with a small time window so with an 8 hour window and a minimum of online effort required we should be able to break 100000 easy with good Facebook work.

Reddit will probably be good for 50000 votes with a coordinated campaign, at a minimum, and Twitter should be good for 50000 if we get People For Bernie and RoseAnn and others to help. Having unified messaging will also boost us vs previous efforts with just some semi-coordinated tweets on the day of.